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HDR Sun and Sky Kit for Modo

The HDR Sun and Sky Kit is a fully-featured outdoor lighting solution for Modo, providing you with total control over outdoor lighting and weather conditions. You can control every important parameter, from the height and rotation of the sun to the amount of cloud cover. That's right, unlike any other Sun and Sky system this one has fully controllable clouds!

The HDR Sun and Sky kit provides 10 different levels of cloud cover, as well as a pure blue sky. You can choose from a few little puffy clouds in an otherwise sunny sky, all the way to overcast and everything in between, it's incredibly flexible and powerful.

With the HDR Sun and Sky kit you will be able to art direct your natural lighting needs to suit any situation. If your client says on Monday that they want an early afternoon feel, but then decides on Tuesday that what they really want is light cloud cover, you can alter the lighting to suit their changing whims with a couple of sliders. And of course the HDR Sun and Sky Kit also gives you the power to be as whimsical as the most difficult client, with every permutation of natural lighting available to you at any time.

You can create any mood you like, from a clear early evening to a cloudy midday, perfect for architectural renders at different times of day.

The HDR Sun and Sky Kit is a really great way to achieve beautiful and realistic outdoor lighting quickly: load the kit, adjust the parameters to your liking, and your scene is ready to render. It's simple and it's fast.

The HDR Sun and Sky Kit is very lightweight on resources, streaming the HDR images off disk for fast load times, and so can be used without fear of it slowing your scenes down. It also runs a cleanup script on launch to clear previous versions of itself or of the Instant Lighting Kit.

The kit is fully compatible with both Vray and Octane as third-party render engines in Modo (although Vray RT may need refreshing when adjusting the controls, but a tweak of the sun rotation slider also works).

For users of other applications there is an images only version of the kit (without any rigging) that allows you to use any one of the 220 4k HDRs in any 3D application: https://gum.co/sunskyimg

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HDR Sun and Sky Kit for Modo

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